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For a fit lifestyle
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Welcome to GrillMan Products

GrillMan products are focused on fresh ingredients and original grill recipes. We are located in Nicosia, Cyprus, and we offer a collection of exciting fresh low fat, and high protein products, top-notch service, and exceptional attention to detail. Our team picks premium products made of quality ingredients for you.

Our quality food delivery service is excellent if you wish to add more healthy products to your diet. Our top-tier products can stock your fridge and help you cook some seriously nutritious meals. GrillMan is dedicated to bringing to you the purest, healthiest food available.

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How to order

Flexible Delivery Service

Our delivery service can be done after consultation with you, at the time that is convenient for you to receive! Do not hesitate to tell us the hours you prefer for delivery.


Minimum order: Nicosia 20€, Larnaca 30€ & Limassol 40€. Delivery cost 3€

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